Meet our featured patient.

Meet Megan and her two cats, Queso and Baby Kitty.  Megan brings her “Kitties” to Dr Kothman because her Dad has always been a client, and brings his two dogs to Kothman Pet Hospital as well.



Are you current on your flea and heartworm treatments?  Always good to double check!!

Bienvenidos means “Welcome” and that is how we want your pet to feel when visiting the office.  We realize that vet visits can be stressful for pets and their owners. Our facility is designed for comfort, and our priority is to take the best care possible of your pet.  Treatment “with a heart” you might say.  We are not a “freeway” clinic.  We are a neighborhood, state of the art facility - dedicated to the health and happiness of your pet, and your peace of mind as a loving pet owner.

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