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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an appointment for my pet to see a veterinarian?
We see patients by appointment. Walk-in appointments are welcome, but kindly asked to wait until a time becomes available. Emergencies take priority, but a call ahead of time is appreciated to ensure we are equipped to manage your pets needs immediately on arrival.

Is it necessary to bring my dog and/or cat in for a yearly comprehensive pet exam?
Comprehensive examinations are recommended AT LEAST annually to check for health issues that may not be apparent to owners. During a comprehensive examination the veterinarian will examine your pet's eyes, ears, skin and hair coat, listen to their heart, and discuss any concerns you may have.

Does heartworm prevention and flea prevention need to be given year-round?
Yes! Mosquito's and fleas are both present year-round across the United States, but especially in the Houston, Texas region where temperatures remain warm for much of the year. Heartworm incidences in this region are still very high, making year-round heartworm prevention paramount.

What dog and cat food brands do you recommend?
There are many great brands out there. It is recommended that your pets are fed premium diets. There are so many natural and whole foods on the market with no animal bi-products and 100% meat and vegetables; you can check out reviews and recalls at Dog Food Advisors. Occasionally, prescription diets are recommended based on a pet's specific needs. Our Veterinarians will make these recommendations when appropriate.

When do I switch from puppy/kitten food to adult food?
Switching a puppy or kitten to adult food too early can cause obesity and gastro-intestinal issues. We recommend switching to adult dog or cat food between 10-12 months.

Where do I take my pet in case of emergency?
If there is an emergency during business hours, simply call our our office ahead of time so we know what to expect and bring your pet in. If there is an emergency after hours, please take your pet to your nearest 24-hour Emergency Clinic.

How often do I need to bathe my dog?
If no skin condition is present, you can bathe your dog every 4-6 weeks.

We just found a stray pet. What should we do?
Check the pet for collar/tags. If none present, feel free to drop by our offices to check the pet for a microchip. If no microchip is present, it is recommended that the pet be kept safe while you look for signs in the area where found, and post on neighborhood Facebook pages and the Nextdoor app in that area.

When do you need fecal samples, and why?
It is recommended that a fecal sample be provided at annual/wellness visits, new puppy/kitten exams, and when GI symptoms are present. Only tapeworms and roundworms are visible to the naked eye. On some occasion’s diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss are symptoms of intestinal worms but many intestinal parasites go undetected without running intestinal parasite tests. Some intestinal parasites are zoonotic, meaning they are transmittable to humans making routine intestinal parasite testing important to the health of pets AND humans.









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